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 We created this website in order to hopefully help fill the void that’s demanded unbiased e-cigarette information from an authority without any advertising agendas. Most other e-cigarette information and review sites currently on the Net today focus on primarily hard-selling you on a select few brands of electronic cigarettes — brands that they, coincidentally, receive the most money from should you decide to purchase them.

 This completely defeats the purpose of providing a review resource on any group of products, never even mind such a relatively unknown and new line of products like e-cigarettes. Our primary goal here is to give you the information you need to make a sound electronic cigarette purchasing decision. And what with the current dismal state of all sorts of economies worldwide, we think it’s a pretty damn good one as well.

 There are just so many different e-cigarettes to choose from currently – and the total number of brands continues to grow every single month. Combining this with the fact that the industry is literally chalk-full of new news and breakthroughs regarding electronic cigarettes, and the purpose of such a website really sells itself. Fortunately, we’re actually concerned with doing it the right way for you, the average online e-cigarette consumer.


Hopefully on This Front, We’ve been Doing Well Thus Far

Since we’re concerned with providing the best possible electronic cigarette information and review resource on the Web these days, we’d appreciate it if you got in touch with us regarding any questions, comments, suggestions or complains you may have about anything at all regarding our website and service.

After all, how should we expect to cater towards the average consumer if we’re never even in direct contact with them at all? This philosophy also includes any requests you may have for a particular electronic cigarette brand to be reviewed.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have work to do as many online consumers are relying on our truthful, unbiased e-cigarette information and reviews!