Benefits Of Using E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are widely used today. You can see people smoking them in cafes, restaurants and even in non-smoking areas. For non-smokers electronic cigarettes are non-essential things. They can go on with their lives without bothering to know about these e-cigarettes since they do not use them. However, non-smokers are increasingly aware of the bad effects of second hand smoke. Thus, they have recently been active in demanding legislations against smoking in public places. They assert that they have the right to demand for cleaner and healthier air.

Electronic CigarettesFor smokers, however, e-cigarettes can be healthier options for their smoking habit. Some of them may view e-cigarettes as means of reducing their risks of getting cancer. Others may be entertaining thoughts that e-cigarettes will eventually help them quit smoking.

Are there benefits in using electronic cigarettes? Are they just fads that eventually will fade out? Or are they revolutionary devices that can change the smoking habits of many people?

Read on and find out for yourself.

E-cigarettes Do Not Use Tobacco

Tobacco cigarettes are made from the dried leaves of tobacco plants. In making these cigarettes, chemicals are added to these dried leaves. Many of these chemicals have been tested and proven to cause cancer and heart diseases. Chemicals in tobacco include toluene, butane, DDT, methanol and hydrogen cyanide. Toluene is commonly used as an industrial solvent. Butane is used in lighter fluids. DDT is an insecticide. Methanol can be found in rocket fuels. Hydrogen cyanide is used in gas chambers. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco.

This means that e-cigarettes are free of cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Since no tobacco is burned no tar is formed. Tar is the sticky substance found in cigarette filters after burning tobacco. Tar can cause emphysema and other lung disorders. E-cigarettes do not form ash since no tobacco is burned. Thus, e-cigarettes provide healthier options for your smoking habit.

E-cigarettes Have Options For Nicotine Intake

SmokelessYou may be surprised to know that electronic cigarettes have nicotine. But unlike ordinary cigarettes, nicotine intake in e-cigarettes can be regulated. This is achieved by selecting refill cartridges that contain high, medium or even zero nicotine content. In some e-cigarettes there is a built –in chip that turns off your e-cigarette when too much nicotine is consumed over a short period of time.

E-cigarettes Do Not Emit Second Hand Smoke

Since no tobacco is burned when you use an e-cigarette, then no tobacco smoke is emitted. Second hand smoke refers to tobacco smoke inhaled by non-smokers when someone is smoking near them. It has been proven that second hand smoke is dangerous to one’s health. This fact is the basis in the move to ban smoking in public places. You may be wondering what that smoke is when you see someone using an e-cigarette. That smoke is vapor rather than the dangerous tobacco smoke. This indeed is good news for non-smokers.

E-cigarettes Can Make You Smoke Less

Most smokers feel obligated to finish their cigarettes before throwing them away. The most probable reason behind this is money. Smokers feel that they are wasting the money they used to buy cigarettes when they discard them only after several puffs. Some smokers even temporarily put out their cigarettes and come back to finish them off. In e-cigarettes you can stop anytime you like without feeling guilty about it. You can just click off and restart when you feel it’s time to smoke again. Speaking of saving money, refill cartridges of e-cigarettes are cheaper than buying packs of ordinary cigarettes.

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