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Blu Cigs is easily the most famous due to it essentially being the very first brand that was most advertised when electronic cigarettes first burst upon the Internet scene a few years ago. Because of this, they remain one of the more popular brands despite the fact that as a whole overall package, they’re not essentially offering even close to as much as one could get with a brand like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke or even EverSmoke.

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Let’s jump headlong right into the breakdown, shall we?


Blu Cigs One of the biggest factors in Blu Cigs becoming the most advertised (and thus, most popular) e-cigarette brand early on in the inventions lifetime was its sleek, sexy packaging and appearance. The black and blue design style certainly suggests something mysterious and enticing about electronic cigarettes and on this front, they’ve certainly succeeded – and continue to succeed.

 ► Taste

Easily the biggest knock on Blu Cigs – both back in the early days of electronic cigarettes and presently – is that the taste leaves something to be desired. Or at least more specifically, that the different flavor options are a bit too harsh akin to a strong actual cigarette would be. This applies surprisingly even to the “lighter” flavor options such as Peach Schnapps as well as especially to their Classic Tobacco flavor.


Battery Life

When compared with most other e-cigarette brands on the market today, the battery life and power of Blu Cigs is about average in comparison. There’s really no other way to put it other than that.


Despite not offering an overall high-end package when it comes to all categories, Blu Cigs is still priced like it is. Even despite this, if you happen to find that you enjoy the Blu Cigs brand, it’s not at the level of being ridiculously expensive – just definitely more-so than it should be considering the overall quality of the product as a whole.


Bottom Line

While it may have presented one of the best available options immediately following viral emergence of electronic cigarettes online, Blu Cigs no longer offer the “best of the best” experience that most users are understandably looking for in choosing their long-term brand of choice.

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    I realize that my name reminds you of the Wild West but believe me I have no relation with Billy the Kid. Why I am here, is to post a review on the e cigarette brand that has helped me quit smoking regular cigarettes permanently- Blu Cigs. I have continued puffing the Blu Premium starter kit and I am very happy with its performance. It tastes and feels just like a regular cigarette. At least, it helped me quit tobacco cigars permanently. If you ask me to rate this brand, then in my personal opinion, the appearance is great- so I’d give it a five star, the taste is great, so I’d again give it a five star, the Battery is good- so I’d give it a four star and finally, the pricing is good- so I’d once again give it a four star. On the whole, I would give a four star rating to the Blu Premium kit.

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