Electronic Cigarettes 101

What Exactly Are Electronic Cigarettes, Anyway?

While first available only in a few suburban shopping malls and online, electronic cigarettes – more commonly referred to as e-cigarettes – have captured the collective global consciousness and are now available in many major retail chains such as Mobil, 7-11, and Walgreens. But what exactly are electronic cigarettes and what are its origins? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

The Birth of the Electronic Cigarette

The very first “electronic” cigarette ever made is credited to a Chinese man by the name of Hon Lik back in 2003. Unsurprisingly, the idea was immediately brought into the open market early the following year. Lik, who was actually a pharmacist by trade, would eventually move on to exporting the products in 2005 before finally and officially obtaining a patent for his electronic cigarette invention in 2007.

The evolution of e-cigarettes from a relatively unknown “fad” available sporadically across the United States and online into the full-on, crazed revolution that we’re currently enjoying today is essentially a recipe in a product going viral based solely on its own quality and merit. Unfortunately, these days, such a popularity boom for most products is all too uncommon.

As word spread and people began showing off their ability to smoke carefree indoors where normal cigarettes were outlawed, the product – bolstered no doubt by its unique and creative design – eventually caught on with the media and eventually went full-on viral across the Internet.

The Main Benefits of Using E-Cigarettes (As Opposed to Regular Cigarettes)

The reason for this effortless, uncontrolled spike in popularity was no doubt due in large part to the clear benefits and features of  electronic cigarette components . By all accounts, the risks from smoking e-cigarettes as opposed to actual, tobacco cigarettes is practically nil, whilst still amazingly retaining the smokers ability to satiate their tobacco and nicotine cravings.

The fact that the product is essentially a vaporized form of cigarettes – and thus, can be enjoyed absolutely anywhere, whether indoors or even around others who may be sensitive or negatively susceptible to actual cigarette smoke – only serves to present the electronic cigarette as the definitive, perfectly safe alternative to actual cigarettes..

To Infinity… and Beyond?

While some have predicted that e-cigarettes are essentially just a fad whose popularity will soon wane like most other viral popularity products, such a prediction is in reality just completely unfounded. The demand and sales for e-cigarettes have only increased with each passing year as more and more consumers are made aware of their existence. Unless a study is released which suggest or proves negative or adverse long-term health effects related to the use of electronic cigarettes, there’s really no reason to think that they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.