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There are many things that have gotten my attention about EverSmoke, and I am really into this brand because of them. They’ve been around long enough to have solidified their place, and they offer really fantastic quality. They don’t go overboard with the products, in reality they are just basic, but they work so well it’s all you need. 2 piece e-cigarettes, great cartridge refills, plenty of flavors, great vapor, and amazing customer service. That about sums them up, and here is an in depth look at all of their offerings.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette.

Standout Points:

American Made E-Liquids in all cartridges; great flavors, longest battery life around, excellent throat hit, unbeatable price points. Versatile enough for any type of smoker, beginner or experienced e-smoker.


EverSmoke’s Value is really great overall, and better than what you’d get elsewhere for the same price. I was impressed first and foremost by EverSmoke’s prices. They are really competitive to other popular brands, but having the reputation for their quality, it’s a steal. Reusable Express kits go for $29.99 (V2 sells their version for $34.95, GreenSmoke sells theirs for $59.97), Basic kit is $59.99 (compare to Blu’s at $89.95), Premium kit is $79.99, Ultimate kit is $109.99, and the Ultimate Plus kit (comes with every cool accessory they’ve got) tops out at $154.99. Lots of options for all budgets, and the long-term value more than pays for itself, compared to traditional cigarettes and most other high-quality e-cigarette brands.

 The Starter Kits Basic, Pro and Ultimate:

EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit

The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Basic Starter Kit is a great introduction into the world of electronic cigarettes. For your convenience and enjoyment, they have created a basic electronic cigarette starter kit that includes everything you’ll need to begin using electronic cigarettes. Click Here To Buy Now.



EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit

The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Pro Starter Kit is the most popular kit and a great choice for the price. In addition to the convenience and enjoyment of the basic starter kit, the pro starter kit allows you the flexibility to change between a short and longer battery. Click Here To Buy Now.

EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit

The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Ultimate Starter Kit is the most impressive electronic cigarette kit available on the market today. The ultimate starter kit was designed for the electronic cigarette smoker who desires luxury and convenience. The ultimate starter kit includes everything you’ll need to begin using  electronic cigarettes anywhere you go with the inclusion of a car charger and cigarette box shaped charging pack with room for 5 cartridges! Click Here To Buy Now.



EverSmoke batteries are the core of the products. Everything revolves around them, and they have a few options to choose from.

2 Sizes: Standard (110 mm), goes about 250 puffs before needing to be recharged, and High-Capacity (118 mm) and goes about 350 puffs before recharging is needed.

3 Battery Colors: White, Black, and Stainless Steel. Stainless is very, very sharp looking.

2 Switch Options: Automatic and Manual. Automatic produces slightly less vapor, but the battery lasts longer between charging. Manual batteries have a switch that needs pressing when puffing, and produces more vapor than the Automatic. Both are great, it all depends on what you’re aiming for.


Sold in packs of 15 ($39.99), 30 ($69.99), and 45 ($99.99). Very cost effective, considering 1 cartridge = 1.5 tobacco cigarette packs.






10 Flavors: Classic Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Menthol, Peach, Cherry, Vanilla, Coffee, Peppermint, and Pina Colada.

5 Nicotine Levels:

24mg Bold

18mg Full Flavor

12mg Light

6mg Ultra Light

0mg Nicotine Free


Full range of chargers and additional pieces to make things interesting. Car charger, USB charger, portable wall charger, Personal Charging Case (PCC). Additional accessories include the Power Cig, for continuous vaping while connected to a power outlet, the Lanyard for holding your e-cigarette around your neck, and a selection of cases for storage and conveniently carrying them. Click Here To Learn More.




Reusable Express Kits $29.99

Another option for those on a serious budget, or are worried about liking e-cigs. They contain a battery, a USB charger, and a cartridge in either menthol or classic tobacco flavor. The very minimal pieces needed to see if you like vaping, and if EverSmoke resonates with you, for the small price of $29.99. Awesome deal! Click Here To Learn More.





Disposables are a necessity when vaping. Some smokers use them exclusively, and others want them just for certain instances. They are great for traveling, and just good to keep on hand. They are one-piece e-cigs, and each lasts about the length of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. They are costlier than typical reusable e-cigs, but their conveniences are definitely worth it when using them on occasion. Click Here To Learn More.



Customer Service

One of the best things EverSmoke offers is solid customer service. They do not mess around when it comes to their customers and their satisfaction. Word of mouth business goes very far, and they will happily go out of their way to ensure their customers are satisfied. You can contact them by email, phone, or even on Facebook, and you can bet they take care of things in a hurry ! Always, always, always choose a brand that takes care of the customer!

 Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette.

Home Delivery Program + Warranty

EverSmoke’s Home Delivery Program is one of the best reasons to use their products. It’s an auto-delivery service you can sign up for. It is free to join, and gets you monthly refills of your cartridges at a 20% discount. You select how many cartridges you want, the frequency (monthly, bimonthly, etc). Being on this program entitles you to a lifetime warranty on all your parts, so if anything comes up, all you have to do is contact the company and they will handle it.

Overall, EverSmoke is fantastic, offering great products in a very easy to use format. They never compromise on quality, and they get right where most other brands fail. I highly recommend this brand for all of your e-smoking needs.

Randy Simmons
Randy Simmons has been exploring the subject of electronic cigarettes for the last five years now. He has been following the industry closely. His approach is simple yet effective- review a product thinking from the perspective of a user.
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    This is a really awesome brand. I am not a fan of regular cigarettes at all since I started with EverSmoke a couple of months ago. I really praise the way that they handle things, ensuring plenty of communication, and letting you know every step as your order gets to you. I became a member of their Home Delivery Program, and really enjoy the convenience of it. The accessories they carry are very nice, too. To any smokers out there, this is the best e-cig brand to go with- take it from me!

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