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With millions and millions of people now switching to e cigarettes and leaving behind the conventional ones, there has been a steady rise in the number of brands coming up in the market. Though not everyone can like the same brand but when the majority likes the same brand, than that is actually when you can say that the brand is doing very well in terms of almost everything be it the quality of the product or the efficiency in terms of the services being provided by it. It simply means that all of it is in place. There are a lot of brands that are doing well such as Green Smoke, South Beach, Blu to name a few. But V2cigs is the brand which is doing the best or so says its reputation and popularity among the users.

v2 cigs

You cannot pin point and say that the other brands are not good but somehow it can be definitely stated that V2 cigarettes are better than the rest of the players operating within the market. Even batteries offered by V2 cigs are available in a lot of varieties, such that they come in as many as three sizes, four colors and a special option is given to the consumers, which is of buying an automatic and manual battery. Even the types of kits available under v2 cigs category are great. If you are just stepping into the world of e cigarettes they offer you the beginner’s kit and if in case you have been here for a while now and your smoking needs are high they offer you the ultimate kit. And a lot many kits range in between these two segments of beginner and ultimate kits.

The batteries offered by V2 cigs have the ability to last for as long as a day. Obviously no one would want to keep charging the e cigarette all through the day; it would actually kill all the fun. Also, there are a lot of people for whom vapors matter a lot. Until they can see and feel the smoke around them and inside the system the experience is not worth the every penny spent on purchasing the e- cig. And unlike a lot of other brands, V2 e cigarettes offer a huge cloud of vapor each time you take a puff. They also have ten flavors to let you choose from a good range according to your own taste and liking. When it comes to accessories, they offer you with the cases, lanyards and even an USB e cigarette to add on to your experience of smoking an e cigarette.

Lastly, the most important aspect that draws people more and more towards V2 e cigarettes is there customer care service. You would never be disappointed when you are buying a V2 e cigarette. They always have what you desire and never will be told that they are out of stock. Also the shipping is very efficient. You call them up and ask them anything, you are sure to get your query solved. In case you get a defective or an out of order piece or any piece that needs replacement, you would not have to worry when it comes to this particular brand. Simply give them a call and your problem will be fixed within no time. Moreover, for customer satisfaction they conduct quality test on the e liquid, cartridge and battery before it is delivered to the customers. Also they give a lifetime warranty on their batteries. V2 e cigarette are not just solid but are designed to last really long giving you the best performance possible to its consumers.


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