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Change is the only constant in this world they say but somehow changing habits is one change we humans are not able to deal with easily. You may try a million times to get over with some of your habits but the memories of the pleasure they  brought pull you back just when you are all set to move on. Smoking is one such habit; billions of people try to give it up every day with some new techniques time and again. Some are their own inventions while others are the time tested experiences of others. Even if they do try, at times the results are temporary as when there is any situation of panic or pressure that triggers the urge to smoke, they can very easily break down and get back to the love of their life for support- cigarette. Isn’t it a better option to have a healthier alternate so you do not have to give up your pleasure and not harm your health either? But everything that is good is bound to have some bad aspects attached to it too.

e cig

So what does an e cigarette give you as a benefit over the traditional e cigarette? Well firstly it looks just the same as your conventional cigarette. And no more worries of harming you family and friends with the smoke in form of passive smoking. An e cigarette is easy to use with simple and interesting parts which you can easily maintain. It is readily available over the net. You just have to figure out what brand suits you the best, make the payment and your e cigarette will be shipped at your door step. You would not have to go out and keep buying a new pack each time for an e cigarette as it can be recharged by a charger that comes along with the set. It can be easily refilled if you know how to put in the liquid which would save you from buying a new cartridge each time. Moreover if you do not wish to intake any nicotine you can do that as well and inhale the vapors in place of smoke without any nicotine. It is also not flammable so there is absolutely no risk of fire.

An e cigarette has some dark shades too. As it is easily available over the internet children below eighteen have an easy access to it. Even though it uses no tobacco, it does use nicotine which is not the best thing in your system for obvious reasons. There are no proper and large scale studies to prove that it is not a completely harmful substitute with respect to the conventional cigs. Also you will end up cleaning your atomizer time and again as it very often gets clogged. Good brands can be expensive to purchase and a lot of people are not able to adapt to an e cigarette all that comfortably as old habits die hard. And one of the biggest drawbacks is that it contains Diethylene Glycol which is an anti freezing component and can prove out to be toxic for humans and cause inhalation problems in the long run. Whatever be the case though, in the end it is an individual’s choice to either find the pros more convincing or the cons.


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Randy Simmons has been exploring the subject of electronic cigarettes for the last five years now. He has been following the industry closely. His approach is simple yet effective- review a product thinking from the perspective of a user.
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