The Vapor Couture Review

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The Vapor Couture Review – The Perfect Electric Cigarette for Women

Vapor Couture is a branch of the world’s leading electronic cigarette brand, V2 Cigs. What makes this brand distinct and uniquely attractive is its focused attention towards providing the best possible taste and flavor to female smokers. In simpler words, Vapor Couture has been established to cater to women smokers the world over. The biggest advantage of opting for this brand is the low cost model, which has been engineered to deliver smoking experience of the highest quality.

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While this brand is relatively new, it had already succeeded in attracting the likes of several smoking enthusiasts the word over, especially those women, who were seeking a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. Here is what the statistical data pertaining to this electronic cigarette brand looks like:


Vapor CoutureThe appearance of these e cigarettes deserves a special mention. They are sleek and stylish and perfect for those women who prefer to look elegant wherever they go. These e cigs are available in several attractive color combinations that are both feminine as well as alluring in nature. The most striking feature that differentiates these cigarettes with other electric cigarettes is their slim design, which in turn differentiates them from the otherwise bulky e cigs, available internationally.  


With several new flavors namely, Bombshell, Strawberry Champagme, Rodeo Drive, Passion Fruit and Artic Mint, women smokers have a lot to talk about. At the same time, the availability of high as well as low nicotine strengths, permits smoking enthusiasts to relish the true metal of smoking a smokeless cigarette. The introductions of fruity flavors add variety to the existing flavors.

Battery Life-

The battery is supposedly robust and capable of providing ample puffs to women smokers. The battery is also made from the latest technology, which in turn is also used to manufacture the batteries of V2 Cigs brand. Even the colors of these batteries have been matched with the e cigarettes, which in turn ensure that the chic and style quotient is never compromised upon. As per the company spokesperson, the battery life is never compromised upon and it is known to last long, if the end user takes good care of it.


The price of the starter kits is low, while the quality provided in these starter kits is maintained to an all time high. This is to ensure that women smokers are able to get hold of the cigarettes that have been developed exclusively for them, without having to disrupt their monthly budget in any way. The two kits include the VC Essential Kits priced at $64.95, the VC Deluxe Kits priced at $99.95.

Bottom Line-

Vapor Couture is the only electronic cigarette brand that has been designed for women smokers. The designs as well as flavors too have been neatly crafted keeping in mind the tastes of women. In our opinion, women smokers should give this brand a try.

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