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Unbiased, In-Depth Electronic Cigarette Brand Ratings, Reviews and Comparisons

Due to the recent explosion in popularity and consumer demand, there’s naturally been a simultaneous rise in the number of available e-cigarette products and brands to help fill the void. In this same vein, with so many different electronic cigarette brands and products flooding the market almost everywhere you look, it can be quite overwhelming for consumers – especially those relatively new to the industry – while trying to navigate through and choose the best e-cig product for them.

Whereas most other e-cigarette review sites you find throughout the Internet tend to usually only the “review” electronic cigarette brands that they love, we on the other hand tend to take a more realistic and helpful (at least to you) approach. Namely by striving to provide for you in-depth, honest reviews for whichever product we chose to review, regardless of the particular score or quality we felt it provided.

This is exactly what review sites should be — especially when it comes to e-cigarette review sites. What good is a site that only lists their top rated e cigarette brands, especially when every single one managed to get 5-out-of-5 stars in every conceivable category? It’s just not very authentic at all and, because of this, it’s incredibly hard to trust these sites as a true and respectable authority of electronic cigarettes.

A Look Inside Our Comprehensive, In-Depth E-Cigarette Product Review Process

What follows is a detailed breakdown of the four main categorical areas that we focus on rating and keeping track of while reviewing a given e-cigarette brand. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about the process or really just anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page located in the above navigational menu.

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In no particular order:


This rating category rates both the packaging design and styling in addition to the appearance of the actual, individual e-cigarettes themselves.


Easily one of the single most-important rating category of them all (depending on who you ask), this particular one consists of rating both the immediate e-cig flavor as well as the aftertaste associated with smoking it.

Battery Life

Arguably the most important aspect of an electronic cigarette, this category delves into just how long an electronic cigarette brands e-cigarette actually lasts for, as well as for how long it takes to recharge.


This particular rating category helps offer a window into how cheap or expensive a particular e-cigarette brand is as compared to the collective average of all other brands.