V2 Cigs Vs Green Smoke – Which Is Best

V2 Cigs Vs Green Smoke Electronic CigaretteV2 Cigs and Green Smoke electronic cigarettes both are well known brands and very popular amongst users. Many looking to switch to electronic cigarettes often ask which out the two brands is the best. We have tried to compare both the brands on the basis of starter kit price, cartridge price, warranty, and flavors.

 V2 Cigs – They are a well-known brand and quite popular among the smoking community. They have over 1 million satisfied customers worldwide. They offer top-notch quality for an affordable price. They offer wide range of starter kits and flavors to choose from.

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Green Smoke – Green Smoke electronic cigarette is also very popular amongst smoking enthusiasts. They offer good quality e cigarettes for an affordable price. They are known for good customer service. They are knows as industry leader in smoke volume. They come in packing that is triple layered to keep the e cigarettes fresh.

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 Lets compare both the E Cig Brands

  • V2 Cigs entry starter kit price starts from $49.95 while the Green Smoke starts from $59.97

  • Single cartridge price of V2 Cigs starts from $1.50 while Green Smoke cartridge starts from $2.65

  • Both the brands offer life time warranty

  • Both the brands focus on providing exceptional customer service and hence they both have live customer service chat

  • V2 Cigs offers manual battery choice while Green Smoke does not

  • V2 offers 9 models of kits to choose from while Green Smoke offers 4

  • V2 offers 10 flavors while Green Smoke offers 7.

Both the brands are good and there is not a lot of difference apart from price and flavor choices. Both the brands look trendy and resemble real cigarettes. They both produce thick vapor.

It is up to the users to compare both the brands and decide which out of the two would suit their personality and budget.


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