Vapor Cigarette Making Waves In The Smoking Community

As the name suggests, the vapor cigarette is an electronic device that emits vapor while smoking instead of smoke. Vapor cigarette is another name for electronic cigarette.  It is economical than regular tobacco cigarettes. Vapor e cigarettes are free from tar, ash, and bad odor. People have stated to realize the benefits of vapor cigarettes and hence they are switching to it.

Not Sure Which Vapor Cigarette To Opt For?

With the rise in popularity of water vapor cigarettes, there have been increases in the number of companies that have started the production of vapor e cigarettes.  All the companies claim to be the best, and hence opting for a brand that is reliable, economical, and yet trendy has become tough.  Our team of experts has done the research and selected top vapor cigarette brands available on the market. The brands have been ranked keeping following factors in mind:

1. Appearance: The e cigarette that we recommend has to look trendy and stylish,

2. Taste: The brand should offer different flavors and also different nicotine strengths,

3. Battery Life: The battery is an important part of vapor electronic cigarette. If the battery does not last long, the whole purple of  carrying an e cigarette goes waste. You do not want to carry battery and charger when you are out traveling,

4. Pricing/Value: The brand should be economical yet reliable. Should offer good value for money.

So What Is The Best Vapor Cigarette Brand?

Vapor Cigarette We have scoured through the Internet and based on the feedback from users, we recommend top 10 vapor cigarette brands. You can check the detailed vapor cigarette review by Clicking Here.V2 Cigs tops the list. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette brand that is economical, has many flavors, supports good battery life and yet looks trendy, V2 Cigs could be your best bet.The brand can be seen at rank #1 on most of the vapor cigarette review websites. The company has put a lot of effort in making the brand popular in the smoking community.  The company strives to offer value for money. You can check the detailed review of V2 Cigs by Clicking Here, South Beach Smoke ranks no #2 in the list. Read the detailed review by Clicking Here.

There are other top brands like Ever Smoke, Green Smoke, Blu Cigs recommended by the experts. You can refer to the reviews and ratings on the website and then pick the brand of vapor cigarette that suits you the best

Why is Vapor Cigarette Making Waves In The Smoking Community?

First and foremost these kinds of cigarettes do not contain thousands of harmful chemicals present in tobacco cigarette. The cigarettes are economical and hence can save a lot of money if you are a regular smoker. Although these vapor cigarettes do not help you to quit smoking, it can lower the consumption of nicotine as well as keep others safe from 2nd hand smoke. One has to have a strong will power to overcome the smoking addiction. No device, medicine can help you quit smoking unless you are determined to do so.

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